Always smile and you will always have a friend
— Nana

Hi, I'm Lexy and smiling is my favorite!

I'm sooo happy that you found me and magically landed on my website. (I think that alone is pretty amazing, it's like fate!) 


I think you will be super impressed with how professional I keep things. For example; I'm a professional hairbrush singer, ice cream eater & football watcher. I'm also really well rounded in the art of sarcasm and "that's what she said" jokes. I'm really good at loving anything fluffy - especially doggies and you will almost always catch me smiling. 


My couples are my favorite people because they appreciate the little things in life like blue skies & sunshine, bonfires with friends and adventures that keep them growing & humble. Their weddings usually are intimate, beautiful & a little off beat (just like them). 


I will not only be your photographer, but i'll be that friend crying happy tears right with you, like the first time your dad sees you and walks you down the aisle, or when you exchange your super sweet personalized vows.

I also love spending alone time with you and your husband mostly because I enjoy being the third wheel but also because this is the time of the day when you really just get to soak in being husband and wife. I love being friends with my couples, I think it makes me a better photographer because I'm able to bring out their best selves.  Let's set up a chai tea latte date and talk about life & love. :)



you love me and want to know more?! 

  1. I believe in chasing dreams.

  2. I believe in investing in experiences over things.

  3. I believe a scoop (or carton) of ice-cream a day keeps the doctor away.

  4. I believe dog people are the best kind of people. (Although, I've met some pretty amazing cat people)

  5. I believe in weekly board game nights.

  6. I believe old-school video games trump new-school any day. (Mario-Kart, Frogger & Pac-Man are my home boys.)

  7. I believe in football Sundays.

  8. I believe Pixar movies are the secret to ending all wars.

  9. I believe that the best kinds of stories are the ones that you can't make up.

  10. And I believe that YOUR story deserves to be documented and preserved in timeless photos & videos for forever and ever.

If you love my work and think we'd be best friends then I'd love to hear from you! 

I promise you that the moments I capture will be real, beautiful & timeless.