Morgan turned 27! 

I wanted this shoot to be the essence of Morgan. What is a Morgan? That's a complex question with a complex answer - but to sum her up - I'd have to say she's a lover of anything involving grass stains and knee scrapes, ray bans and suntans, candy cigarettes and the color blue, 

If I had to describe Morgan 20 years ago, I'd probably have the same answer. Morgan is older and wiser than me by 10 short days and ever since we were little we were rolling down hills, spinning in circles till we were too dizzy to stand and fighting over who got the blue crayon in the box. Fast forward 20 years and not much has changed. Morgan is still such a beautiful soul.

My gift to Morgan was that she could look back on these pictures and remember that she's still that same little kid on the inside who just loves playing outside, soaking up the sun and being a total goofball. I wanted her to see how beautiful she is through my eyes and my lens so on those days when we don't really feel like ourselves she can take a glimpse back in time and remember at the core of her being, this is who she is, this is who she wants to be and this is why she is so so loved. 

Happy birthday Morgan! I love you