My couples inspire me every day when it comes to love because relationships are hard. Choosing someone every day for the rest of your life is the biggest commitment and honestly, me being a single person - it's something that scares me. I know my couples are choosing each other not because they're perfect but because they're able to see through their imperfections. Your relationships aren't perfect. In fact, on the way down Cris and Tiffany were giving me some insight on how they knew they were ready to be committed for life; and what was so refreshing was they didn't just talk about all of the things that were perfect. What stood out to me was the things that were not so perfect but they still chose to love anyway. 

These pictures are important because I know that every relationship will go through bumps and your engagement is so special and so exciting. It's probably one of the happiest points in your relationship because it's so crazy-amazing that you both are choosing to do life together. I want my couples to be able to look back on these pictures on the rocky days and remember how much love they have for each other and why they said yes to forever in the first place.